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What Type of Appointment should i book?

Design New Garments

You would like to come in to order a custom garment. A Sebastien Grey designer will take your measurements and work with you to help you choose from our large selection of fabrics and custom options.

First Fitting

You received an email that your custom garments are ready and you would like to schedule an appointment for your first fitting.

Follow Up Fitting

You already had the first fitting of your new custom garment and would like to come in for a subsequent fitting where we make the final adjustments.

New Garment Design for Groups of 2+ People

You would like to come in to design new custom garments as a group. This appointment type is designed for groups of 2-3 people. If your group size exceeds 3 people, please email info@sebastiengrey.com or call us at 929.445.4819 and we will schedule a longer private appointment for you. 

Adjust My Existing Sebastien Grey Garment

You would like to make adjustments to a Sebastien Grey custom garment that you have already approved and taken home. Please note that there is a fee for adjusting garments that have been approved and taken home more than 30 days ago or if your weight has changed by more than 3%.



How do I reschedule or cancel My Appointment?

If you would like to reschedule or cancel your appointment, click the link in the appointment confirmation email that you received from us.

Alternatively, you can email us at help@sebastiengrey.com or call us at 929.445.4819 and we will help you find a new appointment time.

How It Works



Make an appointment with one of our designers

Designing Garment


Visit our showroom to design your garment




Your designer will take your measurements to create a perfectly fitted custom garment for you

Cutting Custom Garment


Your custom garment will be hand cut by our master tailor

Hand Sewing Details


Every detail on your custom garment will be hand sewn



You will receive an email when your custom garment is ready for fitting