How It Works
How It Works


Make an appointment on our website


Design your garment with a stylist


Get measured and fitted


Garment is hand cut by a master tailor


Every detail is hand sewn


A garment crafted just for you

See What Clients Say About Us

Jeff S.
"I just bought a suit here. It came out great! All of the details were amazing. Also, the staff was super friendly and very helpful throughout the design process."

from Yelp

Jared L.
"I've been going here for 3 years to get all of my suits made. I have tried other places and Sebastien Grey has better quality and tailoring. I would recommend going if you're looking for a suit."

from Google

Jonathan K.
"I was very impressed with this place. It was my first time making a bespoke suit and these guys made it easy. They had a ton of options and their designer helped throughout the entire process."

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Our Stylish Customers

Can I bring some friends and family with me?

Of course! We offer beverages and have a golf simulator to keep them pacified.

How long do I have to wait until I receive my order?

You can expect to receive your order in 3 to 4 weeks. If you are planning to wear the clothes in your order for a specific event, you may want to factor in an additional week in case you need to make any adjustments.

If you need it sooner, arrangements can be made but we never recommend this for a first time client. You can’t rush perfection.

How long does an appointment take?

Appointments usually take 60-90 minutes, though it can be longer or shorter than that depending on what you are designing.

What should I expect at my Sebastien Grey appointment?  How do I prepare?

Expect to have an amazing experience! We are the best and you will love us, obviously.

We can overwhelm you with options or we can keep it simple. It’s up to you. Coming in without an idea is ok but it is hard to know what you like, want or need the first time we meet. It’s like buying a car- having a general guideline goes a long way.

You are going to work with what we call a “Clothier” to help you design your garments. Most places would call them sales people, but we are designers. Not commissioned employees trying to upsell you, but instead design you something you will have for a lifetime.  Remember, it’s your garment so there are no wrong answers, only preferences. Our clothiers are there to help you create your perfect garment.

After you work with our Clothier you will be one on one with the Fitter. He/She is the person who deals with the tailor. He creates the pattern with an understanding of the specifics of your body and conveys to the pattern maker what needs to be done.

Have you ever seen the movie Office Space? A Fitter is more of a people person. Tailors are cutters and sewers, like engineers, that don’t deal well with clients.

Next you need to be prepared for your fitting. Wearing an appropriate garment is very helpful. It should be your best fitting trouser, shirt, jacket and shoes so we get an idea of the type of fit you are looking for. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect but being able to tell us what you do and don’t like about the items helps tremendously. Wearing flip flops, board shorts, and a t-shirt doesn’t tell us anything and in fact, can make your first suit fitting long and arduous. We will dress you up with some samples that might best fit you, but this could add an hour to your appointment until we understand each other. You can expect your initial consultation – for any garment – to take between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. During this time you will discuss fabrics and styles with your clothier and have upwards of 30+ measurements recorded.

In 4-6 weeks you will hear from us via email about your first Fitting appointment. You will book an appointment online at that time. We suggest you bring a button down shirt that fits well (if you are not being fitted for one) and the shoes you will likely wear with your garments. The initial measuring process is very complex and fully comprehensive so we usually find that the suit arrives 85-90% accurate. When the garment is ready you will come in for a fitting and our clothiers will finish final details, making sure that everything matches both the initial measurements and your expectations. This fitting process will take about 30 minutes.

Next, once the garments are finished, you will be contacted again – usually within a week or two, and you will come in for your Final Fitting. This appointment requires the same shirt and shoes you brought to the Initial Fitting. We’ll make sure you are happy with the fit and you should be able to take it home that day. If something still isn’t quite right, we will make another round of adjustments until you are completely satisfied.

If no further changes are made, you will be taking your garments home with you. Wear them, and get a feel for them. You’ll have 30 days if you want to make any further adjustments. Any and all adjustments made will be reflected on your pattern and your next garments should fit the same way.

Do you take walk-ins?

Sure! Feel free to stop by and check us out. We recommend an appointment to design as the process takes 60-90 minutes but there are times we can fit you in.

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