Bespoke Vs. Made To Measure

Bespoke Vs. Made To Measure

While there are many questions our clients come to us with, first and foremost is the question of what makes Sebastien Grey unique? Why choose to invest in Sebastien Grey bespoke?

We must define the difference between bespoke and made-to-measure in order to begin to answer this question. Bespoke, in the most general sense, means the article of clothing has been made from scratch and this is exactly the approach we take at Sebastien Grey. Your suit is custom tailored to you. We will take more than 40 measurements following the contour of your body in order to create a suit that will most flatter your profile.

Made-to-measure, on the other hand, will only take roughly 15 measurements. The companies who sell these will have their manufacturer make suit templates varying in size and shape. The companies will then use their selection of templates to find that which most closely resembles their clients’ perfect fit. Simply put, it is impossible to create the perfect suit using this method because no two bodies are the same. This process does not take into consideration the hardly noticeable, yet crucial individual differences.

We look at the creation of your perfect suit as an artistic process. We must first look at your person with a critical eye. A majority of us are unaware of the small differences that make our bodies unique from anyone else’s, but it is our responsibility at Sebastien Grey to identify these differences by way of measurements and photographic documentation.

It is not uncommon for clients to come to us under the impression of a particular inconsistency only to discover something else entirely is responsible for the asymmetry. For instance, a client may come to us with the notion one arm is longer than the other when in fact one shoulder is raised a bit higher than the other. In addition to a mindful eye in terms of measurable characteristics, our team is experienced in studying posture. How our clients sit and stand has an effect on how the clothing will fall. Understanding how the article will fall based on the arch of the back or the roundness of one’s shoulders is key to delivering the suits our clients will look good in everyday of their lives. It is this attention to detail and the considerable amount of measurements we take that help us identify these seemingly innocent discrepancies and ultimately build you the perfect-for-you suit.

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When faced with the decision in the future to choose between made-to-measure and bespoke, consider the purpose of your purchase. A suit can last you for years and years, so look at the purchase as an investment piece. No matter whether you have work and/or play in mind for a particular suit, you want what will only aid you in leaving the best impression. A properly tailored, bespoke suit from Sebastien Grey will only help reveal the best, most confident version of yourself.