We touched on the influence of your fabric choice and how it will affect the drape of your suit, but the shape and structure of your custom Sebastien Grey suit goes far beyond the fabric you see. Just as with any piece of art, a suit begins with a canvas.

A canvas is traditionally made out of horse hair and it is layered between the outer fabric and the lining of the suit. It is the structural element that builds shape and provides reinforcement. A canvas can either be found in half or full size. A half canvas will only drop roughly halfway down the body of the jacket whereas the full size will extend the full length of the suit. Generally speaking, the half size is lighter than the full and provides more structure than a suit with no canvas, but less than that of a full size.  

Our design is a half canvas, although if our clients insist, we do offer a full canvas option. We stand by our half canvas design as it is superior to any other canvas on the market, either half or full. It provides unparalleled structure through the shoulders and down the torso while remaining lighter than a full design. In order to insure the optimal drape, we use a non-woven fabric towards the bottom of the jacket just below the canvas to provide the necessary weight.

The Sebastien Grey canvas is one of a kind and took upwards of a year to perfect. We understand this element is vital in the construction of each and every suit and therefore took the time to perfect this foundational element. We would go so far as to say it is likely the best canvas out of all custom clothiers in the United States. What sets it apart? There are two distinct features of our canvas that are ours alone. For one, we extend the canvas several inches below the armhole. We also extended the canvas up the back of the neck. Both of these features aid in providing your ideal, seamless shape and fit. They help provide the structure you will find in no other suit.

We at Sebastien Grey look at each suit as a piece of art. We start from scratch, begin with each client’s unique pattern based on our intricate measurements and move on to the the canvas. From there we build the foundation of a suit unmatched by any American custom clothier. We take the utmost pride in our product and have designed the canvas and method we have in order to deliver the highest quality suit to each and every client. We believe quality begins with a strong foundation. Let us prove it to you.