Designing Your Perfect Suit

Designing Your Perfect Suit

For those who find themselves at the beginning of the construction of a well-tailored wardrobe to those who have already begun their collection, the designing of one’s suit is an overwhelming notion. Because Sebastien Grey suits are strictly bespoke, you can choose every detail from fabric and lining to buttons and lapels to choices you didn’t know existed.

No matter whether you have a unique image in your mind or have drawn inspiration from the best dressed of the red carpet, our designers at Sebastien Grey are knowledgeable resources and are here to make that vision, or perhaps a simple idea, into a reality for you. We can show you not only how to construct the clean, professional suit for the office, but how to add detail to create a garment that will break the barrier between office and after hours.

Once you provide the inspiration for the purchase, our designers will combine their knowledge and creativity to aid you in navigating through the overwhelming number of options available. Based on the purpose of the suit in question, we will guide you through the first steps to lay the groundwork.

While many of you come to us in search of workplace appropriate garments, we encourage small details that are minimal in visibility, but really set the jacket, waistcoat and trousers apart from the rest. Such small detail as choosing a contrasting thread for one or more button holes or a sharp contrasting felt beneath the collar can really add the life you are looking for in your wardrobe. A popular way to express a little personality is to have fun with the lining of the suit. Because the suit will be buttoned for formal meetings, the lining will mostly be known only to you. This formality also allows for an expressive piping, an array of pockets and a monogram if you so choose.

The choices go even further to include size and shape of lapel, whether or not you would like vents and if so how many, the slant or straight pocket with or without flaps and not to mention the variety of pockets you may choose to include inside the jacket. As for the trousers, there is the choice between belt loops and side adjusters, zipper or buttons, pleats or no pleats and a myriad of other functional options to make the sometimes-uncomfortable trousers a bit more so. But as not to overwhelm you, the remainder of the choices to be had will certainly be shared with you upon your arrival.

First and foremost, our designers want to help you make the designing of your suit easier than it may appear. They also want you to have fun with the process. You will live your life in the suit you have come to us to design and we not only want it to make you look your best, but we want it to reveal your personality, even if in the smallest of design details. Using their extensive knowledge of the history of these garments, the current and prospective trends as well as their own creative eye, our designers at Sebastien Grey will transform your wardrobe into a collection to be envied.