I have a garment that I love. Can you copy it?

Absolutely! Bring it in and we will measure and duplicate it with cloths and other options of your choosing. If you can’t make it to one of our stores, you can even ship the garment to be copied to us and we’ll take care of it.

Sebastien Grey still takes all measurements and helps you select all styles and options – you just provide the fabric.

Can I supply my own fabrics? I have my own fabric, would you use it to make a garment?

Yes, prices start at $899 for a suit and $279 for a shirt.  Why does it cost more than using your fabrics?   If we make a cutting mistake with our fabric, we go to the roll and grab a little more.  If we are using yours, it takes more time to get acquainted with a foreign fabric and in turn, costs time and money.

Will you alter garments I bought elsewhere (non SG)?

Currently we only offer alteration services on non-Sebastien Grey garments to our clients, because there is limited room in our tailor shop and we feel that it is only fair to give them priority. However, if you would like to come in a design a garment with us, we’d be happy to also discuss the alterations on your old garments, as you’d become a client that day and would be eligible.


What happens after I take home my garment and decide I want to have it tailored more?

You have 30 days per garment to make any necessary changes to your fit.   Garments beyond this time can be altered at a fee.  We do offer multiple fittings before you take home your garments so this shouldn’t be an issue.  

Do you price match, give group discounts or offer package deals?

Price match, no.  We do not currently offer bulk discounts, as there is no actual efficiency with increased order size. Each garment created is unique with regard to design, fabric, among other details. And because good portions of our garments are made by hand, the amount of labor required to make the garment is the same, regardless of number of garments.

Can I pay a fee to rush my garment?

Yes.  If you choose an in stock fabric (around 500 to choose from) we can do it.  The fee is $500 for 21+ days and less than 21 days is $1000, from date of order till you need the garment in your possession

I have a wedding/event/something and I need a suit in less than 14 days. You have my measurements and I just need to pick out the fabric. Can you make it? Please???

We never like to turn away business but in this case, we suggest you consider another option.  This is custom clothing and we cannot guarantee fabrics, linings, fit and timing to always align perfectly.  We understand that your last suit may have been ready for a fitting within 14 days but that isn’t what will happen when we need to rush it through a precision process.  

Do you have a minimum shirt order?

We are unusual in our industry in that we do not require a minimum shirt order. This is because we value our relationship with you above all else and want to perfect your garment before you making you commit to ordering more. Once your shirt fits flawlessly, you can order as many as you want.

How many garments can I make at a time. I’ve already confirmed my fit with my first suit, why can’t I order more than one? Why do we need to take additional measurements?

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible fitting garment, which requires a continual pursuit of complexity. Every now and then, we add new measurements to our existing ones, in order to establish a higher degree of complexity, and thus a more precise fit.

In addition, if your last fitting occurred more than 3 months prior to the new appointment, it benefits both of us to take at least a few spot-check measurements. This will ensure that there has been no fluctuation in weight, or, if there has been, we will be able to make any adjustments necessary. This will prevent any unnecessary alterationsill-fitting. After all, even the slightest change in body composition can compromise the integrity of the pattern we have established for you.

Can I visit you?

Of course! Feel free to stop by our New York location to ask a question or two and get a feel for what we do here at Sebastien Grey.  We look forward to sharing our passion with you.

Do you offer Customer Service?

Of course we do.  Just because we lack a telephone and no personal email communications, doesn’t mean we don’t have customer service.  We do everything in person and ask you to read our FAQ’s if you have questions as the answers are here.  When you are in an appointment or stopping by a location, we will spend as much time as needed to ensure you are well informed and all your questions and concerns are addressed.   Our idea is not to be rude but to ensure that communication is consistent and delivered to everyone, the exact same manner.  

I don’t like automated communications and demand more of a handheld service such as phone calls, texting with my clothier and you will have to deal with my personal assistant. Do you offer this?

We are probably not the right fit for you.  If you read the above Newbie FAQ section, you will understand what we offer in terms of service and quality.  Our clients want garments that have the same quality integrity of Savile Row in England but without paying for handheld service.  We recommend you read this section and then consider what you want from your custom clothing company.  Sorry, but are goal is to deliver amazing quality and affordable prices so everyone can have a custom suit!

How do you offer garments at your prices and not sacrifice quality?

It’s kind of a trade secret but we will let you in on a few things.

  1. We go direct with every supplier and have eliminated the wholesalers in every area we can.
  2. We run a production type tailor shop and departmentalize everything. There are 20+ real people who touch, sew and prepare a suit before you try it on. In the old days, one or two people who make an entire garment.
  3. From our algorithmic fabric consumption, low sampling costs, no perishable inventory, no retail merchandise (just custom) and low overhead locations.
  4. We make all of our garments in Mainland China in our tailor shop, who we communicate with real time and not with a middleman. We have full control over our pipeline, quality, patterns and creative process, giving us a fast turn around and a lot of flexibility.
  5. No marketing, advertising, PR or alike budget here. We are totally organic and all of our members are word of mouth.
  6. Our communication with our clients through our software platform allow us to run very lean and not having extra staff to call and send emails…and we pass all these savings on to you!

Do you want a garment that is worth twice as much but cost half?

That is what SG offers. We make 10’s of thousands of garments with handsewn buttonholes, horsehair canvassing, 100+ design options, guaranteed fit, 1000 in stock fabrics, in person design and fitting…all starting at $799. Our Super 160’s fabrics, Loro Piana and Vitale Barbaris fabrics are only $1599. Our pricing is half of most of our competitors without sacrificing quality because we require you to do a little more, such as booking your own appointments and using our automated notifications for detailed information.

I am a potential new client and not sure if Sebastien Grey is a fit for me. I would like to know more before I make an appointment and purchase.

We are not your traditional custom clothing company so you need to be aware of several things that are different than the others.
We do everything in person, in our stores, during business hours and conduct all communications through our proprietary software platform. This means if you send an email, there is a 99.9% chance your question will send you right to our FAQ’s.
This means no telephone calls, no personal emails and no text messaging.
Who communicates like this you ask? Well, we do. This way you get a consistent answer to your question and everyone is treated the same, whether you are buying a $499 promotional suit or a $1499 Loro Piana.

How can I be prepared for my first custom made garment experience? I am a newbie and have so many questions, concerns and things I don’t understand about the process.

Just like in school you had to prepare for the exam, the dance, asking someone out…you need to be prepared for making a garment. We can overwhelm you with options or we can keep it simple, it is up to you. In all of our email communications you will see suggestions, terms and conditions and guidance for each appointment. It is important that you read them. First, bringing a picture of a suit that you saw in a retail store which you took with your phone, with no flash and you are trying to convey color…just doesn’t work. A picture from a magazine, maybe but usually not. Just because we are trained professionals doesn’t make us able to pull color out of an image any better than you.
Second, knowing the general color and/or pattern is really the biggest thing. Shades of Grey and Blue are the most common so just knowing if you want one of those helps. Then a solid, stripe or check pattern. Those will help guide your Clothier. Coming in without an idea is ok but it is hard to know what you like, want or need the first time we meet. Its like buying a car, having a general guideline goes a long way.

You are going to work with what we call a “Clothier” to help you design your garments. Most places would call them sales people but we are designers, not commissioned employees trying to upsell you, but design you something you will have for a lifetime. Most likely you will be dealing with an owner of the company as everyone has a stake. Remember, it’s your garment so there are no wrong answers, only preferences. Our clothiers are there to help you create your perfect garment.

After you work with our Clothier you will be one on one with the Fitter. He/She is the person who deals with the tailor. He creates the pattern with understanding the body and conveys to the pattern maker, what needs to be done.

Have you ever seen the movie Office Space? Well, because Fitters are more of a people person. Tailors are cutters and sewers, like engineers, that don’t deal well with clients.

Next you need to be prepared for your fitting. Wearing an appropriate garment is very helpful. It should be your best fitting trouser, shirt, jacket and shoes so we get an idea of the type of fit you are looking for. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect but being able to tell us what you do and don’t like about the items, helps tremendously. Wearing flip flops, board shorts and a t-shirt doesn’t tell us anything and in fact, can make your first suit fitting long and painful. We will dress you up with some samples that might best fit you but this could add an hour to your appointment until we understand each other. You can expect your initial consultation – for any garment – to take between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. During this time you will discuss fabrics and styles with your clothier and have upwards of 30+ measurements recorded.

In 4-6 weeks you will hear from us via email about your First Fitting appointment. You will book an appointment online at that time. We suggest you bring a button down shirt that fits well (if you are not being fitted for one) and the shoes you will likely wear with your garments. The initial measuring process is very complex and fully comprehensive so we usually find that the suit to arrives 85-90% accurate. When the garment is ready you will come in for a fitting and our clothiers will finish final details, making sure that everything matches both the initial measurements and your expectations. This fitting process will take about 30 minutes.

Next you will be contact again once the garments are finished, usually within a week or two, and you will come in for your Final Fitting. This appointment requires the same shirt and shoes you brought to the Initial Fitting. Here we will make sure you are happy with the fit and you should be able to take it home. If something still isn’t quite right, we will make another round of adjustments until you are completely satisfied.

If no further changes are made, you will be taking your garments home with you. Wear them, get a feel for them and you have 90 days if you want to make any further adjustments. Any and all adjustments made will be reflected on your pattern and your next garments should fit the same way.