Sebastien Grey Design Team

David, Sebastien Grey Designer


Creating custom garments is my passion. Whether it’s a basic suit for work or a tuxedo for your wedding, I’ll make sure you look your best. I’ve delivered hundreds of perfect garments for wedding parties.

I’ve worked for several of the big-name suit retailers but found my home at Sebastien Grey Clothiers. Our product is unmatched in quality and fit. Quality and fit are the most important aspects of a custom suit, so schedule an appointment with me and see for yourself.


I live by a simple idea when it comes to style and fashion — I like to tell a story through the clothes I wear.

My motto: “Fashion is Fiction…so what’s your story?”


I have been a clothing designer at Sebastien Grey for almost 6 years and I have helped design over 5,000 custom garments. My design philosophy is simple — make well-fitted clothing, with high-quality fabrics, in timeless designs.

Once you have a Sebastien Grey suit you will stop saying “Do I have to wear a suit to this?” and start saying “Can I wear a suit to this”.