Design Options

Single Breasted

  • 5 Waterproof Fabric Colors – Black, Grey, Olive, Khaki and Navy
  • Interior Body Lining
  • Single or Double Breasted
  • Collar Width/Length
  • Covered buttons or Exposed
  • Exterior Pockets with or without Buttons

Double Breasted

  • Under the Collar Fabric
  • Contrast back of Collar Fabric
  • Add a Shoulder Flap on the Left, Right or Both Sides
  • Add Shoulder Epaulets
  • Add Sleeve Epaulets
  • Add a Back Shoulder Button-down Vent
  • Add a Throat tab

Pop Up Collar

Rain Coat Construction

2 Inside Welted Pockets

Exterior Pockets with Covered Buttons

Hidden Emergency Hood

Exterior Pocket with Exposed Button

Shoulder Flap

Throat Tab

Rain Coat Details

Back Shoulder Button-Down Vent

Shoulder Epaulets

Overlapped Seams

Center Vent with Button

Removable Zip in Liner

Sleeve Epaulets

Rain Essentials

  • SG-Compact-Black-Umbrella-Brand-Image

    Umbrella Flat Compact Black

    $ 49

    One of the best travel umbrellas you’ll find. Our compact umbrella folds up FLAT to just 9″. So you can easily pack it in your briefcase, handbag, pocket or portfolio. And its lightweight aluminum frame lets you travel light, and stay dry, wherever you go.

    Panels: 8

    Handle Material: Rubber Coated

    Handle Shape: Straight

    Arc: 43″

    Closed Length: 9″

    Shaft: Aluminum

  • SG-Umbrella-Wood-Handle-Brand-Image

    Umbrella Stick Curved Wood Handle

    $ 69

    The genuine wood handle and classic frame lend an air of elegance to this finely detailed black umbrella. The generous 50″ arc is big enough to shelter two and the innovative vented double canopy makes it a top-rated umbrella for wind.

    Panels: 8

    Handle Material: Wood

    Handle Shape: Curved

    Arc: 50″

    Closed Length: 37″

    Shaft: Electrostatic Black Steel

    Features: Vented Wind Resistance

  • SG-Compact-Curved-Wooden-Handle-Umbrella-Brand-Image

    Umbrella Compact Curved Wood Handle

    $ 59

    One of the most elegant umbrellas for men or women. From the distinctive curved wood handle to the electrostatic black steel shaft, this umbrella radiates style and sophistication. You’ll also benefit from the impressive wind-resistant vented technology and push button auto open auto close technology. A compact umbrella has never looked or performed, better.

    Panels: 8

    Handle Material: Wood

    Handle Shape: Curved

    Arc: 46″

    Closed Length: 14″

    Shaft: Electrostatic Black Steel

    Features: Vented Wind Resistance, Auto Open Auto Close

  • SG-Wooden-Handle-Umbrella-Brand-Image

    Umbrella Wooden Handle

    $ 59

    Our wooden handle umbrella is big on performance and style. One touch and it automatically opens to a 58″ arc, large enough to shelter two. It also features our vented double canopy for robust wind resistance and a genuine wood handle for a touch of style.

    Panels: 8

    Handle Material: Wood

    Handle Shape: Straight

    Arc: 58″

    Closed Length: 22″

    Shaft: Steel

    Features: Vented Wind Resistance