A Few Rules…

  • Purchase must be $999 or more to receive $200 off.
  • Referral credits can only be used on purchases totaling $999 or more of non sale merchandise.
  • Those referred will receive their credits when they make a purchase. A referral code must be entered in during the checkout process.
  • Referrers will receive their credits after their friend completes a $999 or more purchase (non sale items).
  • Referral credits can be combined with gift cards.
  • Referral credits cannot be passed on to a third party. Only the referrer and directly referred individual can use them for purchases.
  • Referral credits cannot be used when purchasing a membership.
  • Referral credits for the month of June can be stacked.

How To Use Your Credits

Credits only available in store, just as long as your purchase is over $999, your credit will apply.