Suit Maintenance

Suit Maintenance

Now that you have invested your time and money in your custom suit, there are a few simple guidelines that must be noted to properly care and ensure it a long, healthy life.

First and foremost, do not store suits you actively use in a bag. Wool is a living, breathing natural fiber that needs to breathe. Visits to the dry cleaners should be kept to a minimum as harsh chemicals and the aggressive cleaning process are harmful to the fine wool fibers as well as the buttons. In between wears, a light steaming will refresh the suit by eliminating any unwanted creases. With that said, now would be the time to invest in a quality steamer. The additional time it takes to steam your own suit is worth the longevity of the garment.

Frequent trips to the dry cleaners are not necessary. However, you should always be conscious of any odors emanating from the suit. If you start to smell something funky, try to steam or press the suit to eliminate the odor. If that fails, a trip to the cleaners is necessary. As long as you aren't sweating profusely in it, you should be able to get away with several months in between visits. Be sure to have a rotation between uses so that your suit can rest at least a day before its next wear. In case of any stains, we recommend a trip to the cleaners instead of any attempts to remove it at home. Be sure to find a reputable cleaner so that the suit comes back in one piece.

Wood Hangers
Toss out any measly wire or plastic hangers in your closet. Rather, look for sturdy, wooden ones. These will support the shoulder construction and help maintain the jacket shape while it hangs until its next use. Check out SG hangers!

On the Road
Consider purchasing a brush and/or lint roller. Both will come in handy to freshen up your look before a big meeting, date or even before it returns to the closet. If you do not have a steamer available and must use a hot iron, purchase a pressing sheet to protect your fabrics. Lastly, ensure that you consider a safe, sturdy form of transportation for your suits if business puts you on the road. An option would be a garment bag that fits the contours of your suit so that it arrives to its destination in one piece with minimal wrinkles.

If you follow these simple suggestions, your suit will look its best and last you years to come. It is definitely well worth the investment in time to learn how to care for your own suit so that it stays fresh and clean.