Taking 2 years to curate the construction and designs in-house, in New York City. Each Sebastien Grey tie is individually silk-screen printed by hand on imported 16 momme silk. Moreover, each color layer of the design is applied by hand using the silk screen artisan technique. Handcut and handsewn, made in small batch to procure the highest standards of quality.

Who cares if it has 7-Folds?

8cm Wide and 150cm Long

  • A 7-fold tie is how a tie was made before the cost cutting ties of today, we call “standard” ties. The easiest way to understand it is, that the fabric is actually folded 7 times. This gives it a thickness and quality feeling that just doesn’t exist in most common ties.
  • For us, it is about being the best and having a standard tie, just makes us common folk.

Hand Crocheted Bar Tack & Self Looped

Why aren’t all ties made like this?

Hand Sewn Slip Stitch & Rolled Edge

  • They are really hard to make, and it takes a true artisan to cut and sew. Plus they are expensive to produce, using double the amount of silk needed for a standard tie.
  • We combined the old school artistry with a modern day approach when making our 7-Folds.

No Brand Tag On The Back

We have added 3 things that make SG Ties the best there is:

  1. A wool interlining to give it strength, shape and drape. Today’s wearer isn’t like 100 years ago so we had to add a durability component.
  2. A 2nd interlining made of cotton that actually holds the stitch of the tie so it does not mess up the drape.
  3. A 3rd poly wrapper so everything floats as you pull and twist your tie, for the long lasting drape.