What Fabric Is Best Suited For You

What Fabric is best suited for You

When you walk into Sebastien Grey, you are surrounded by walls of suits in a vast array of fabrics. We have everything from the professional’s suit to the special occasion tuxedo to the weekend sports coat. While an excellent opportunity to see some of the fabric choices on a completed garment, it can also be overwhelming simply thinking about the sheer number of choices you have in choosing a fabric in navy. Choosing the right fabric is of the utmost importance and also one of the first decisions you will make when designing. It is best to keep in mind the reason for the purchase, and also where you might find yourself in the process of building your wardrobe and how your seasonal selection of suits is shaping up.

It is not uncommon for our clients to come to us looking for a suit they can wear year round, but while the cost up front to build a more seasonally focused wardrobe might be greater, this wardrobe will last you longer than that which you try to wear all year. While most of our fabrics are 100% wool or a wool blend, our designers will walk you through the choice of weights when thinking summer versus winter. 

When choosing a fabric the origin, pattern, texture, depth of design, and fabric grade, or rather how fine the fibers of the fabric are, all play a role in the decision at hand. It is not uncommon for a client to become fixated on the number assigned to a fabric. The higher the number, the more delicate the fabric is. While a higher number will drape better, it will not stand up to repetitive use in workplace environment. If you are purchasing a tuxedo or suit to be worn only a handful of times a year, we are more likely to recommend a higher super number. Do not be fooled, though. A higher number does not always mean the best quality. Regardless of this number, we stand by each and every fabric we have to choose from at Sebastien Grey.

Many of our clients are professionals working in a suit five days a week. In this case, we must ask after your rotation, or perhaps, your ideal rotation of suits. When designing a wardrobe, we strongly suggest having three staples, two of which you will be wearing twice a week. These suits, typically navy, grey and charcoal, are not particularly memorable, but they are well tailored and will be made of a fabric that will stand up to being worn twice a week. After these three staples of have made it into your closet, we will encourage our interested clients in exploring patterns and depth of design within the prescribed range of colors and durability of fabric.

When you walk in the door, it is most important for us to discover how far into the construction of your wardrobe you find yourself and what the purpose of this particular suit will be. Our designers will then approach the decision of fabric color, pattern, wearability and weight in terms of seasonality. Men are lucky in that a well-tailored, modestly decorated suited never goes out of style. These suits will last you for years to come when the choice of fabric is aligned with the intended use of the suit. Not to worry, our designers at Sebastien Grey will use their insight and creative eye to find you not only what you want, but what you need.